With 19,000 new homes planned to be built by 2025 the majority of people will be from outside the area if not the country so here are some tips on what to do and who to see in order to migrate to the district of Franklin, New Zealand.

You can also check out this website to get a good gauge of what the community is like when it comes to events and things to do. Also check out What’s the the future of Franklin.

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Staying at a hotel/motel: First, if you would want to visit to see what the area, attractions  and local people are like, then you will need to find a place to temporary place to stay.

Setting up a bank account: You will need to set up banking and insurances.

Setting up a tax number: If migrating from overseas you will need to pay taxes.

Finding a place to rent: You will need a place to stay.

Buying a house: For the long term, you may want to buy a house.

Buying a new vehicle: You will need transport.

Buying a used vehicle: You may choose a cheaper option.

Finding a job: For money you can find a employment.

Shopping for food, clothes and everything else: Click here to find out about local shopping.

Schools in Franklin: If you have school children, this will help.