Franklin Life posts articles that sometimes feature events (Franklin A & P Show, Sports Finals, Fundraisers, etc).

Viewers read these posts and become familiar with, not only the community activities but the businesses involved at these events. Companies that are seen to be involved with the community earn people’s trust.

The District of Franklin is growing are a tremendous rate and with new housing projects popping up all over the place, there will be a steady flow of new residents that need to know what events are happening when. They will also need to know where to go for everyday services i.e. cafes, restaurants,  shopping, hairstyling, mechanical services, entertainment venues.

Businesses also have events such as new product releases, sponsor sports days and other community based activities that would profit from new media coverage with posts being able to be shared over social media platforms i.e Facebook, Twitter, Email, websites blogs, printed press, etc.

Sidebar Adverts

Franklin Life may cover events you are involved with and may produce photos and a write up about the input your company has with this event.  Once chronicled it can be tagged to the Franklin Life website with your company name.

With sidebar adverts that are shown on pages, you can advertise your business and with a click it can redirect the viewer to your Facebook page, website, tagged page, directory page, contact detail, etc.

Sidebars can be contextual meaning a motorsport article could have automotive sponsor adverts.  Your advert will be seen hundreds of times a month by local people from the Franklin area.

 In Summary

Most of your competition’s products and prices are similar to what you sell, so the point of difference is your staff.
Shoppers like to know the people they buy from. They like trustworthy people that care for the community.

After viewers read a few posts they become familiar with your business. They learn about the good you do for the community and they build up trust and trust goes a long way in a local community and because of that, they are more likely to shop with you and refer others.

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