Local Pukekohe resident Erin Fleming has had a busy life of recent. Being a Justice-of-the-peace, Marriage Celebrant and founder of the ‘Christian Community Centre (CCC) Food Bank and Social Services Agency’, she was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal (QSM) at Government House for all the tireless work she has given back to the community.

The Governor-General, Lt Gen The Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae & Erin Fleming
Formerly based on Kayes Road, the now defunct food bank made lunch time meals every week for a couple hundred people, gave out food parcels, clothes and furniture while setting up classes to help others with budgeting, cooking and other helpful skills.

Christmas and Easter times held the best memories with events being attended by over 300 kids with truck rides, games, singalongs being the highlights.
With the help of her tight knit family and 126 volunteers including off duty police, churches, schools and local businesses, Erin and team were able to make a real positive change to our community.

Even though the QSM is awarded to just one person, it reflects the incredible selfless work the whole volunteer team put into making this a success. Even now as a counsellor, Erin still helps families as much as she can and I believe that the town of Pukekohe will continue to hold Erin, her family and the volunteers in the highest regard.

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