After the Mayor of Auckland Len Brown paid a visit to a meeting of outraged public commutators last week, I thought I would pop down to the train station and see what the fuss was all about.

What I saw not only shocked me but I thought about the safety of this derelict  public utility.  It seems that the station was in better condition 100 years ago then what I witnessed today.

The public has complained about insufficient night lighting and no public toilets. Not to mention the lack of a designated car park even though there is enough room for a secure car park on the west side of the station with entry from Custom Street.

The roof has been in disrepair for ages with no sign of workers anywhere and with it being a old wooden building could be considered being a possible fire hazard?

Being forced into the ‘Auckland Super City’ (pop. 1,413,700 or 31 percent of the country’s population), the Pukekohe train station doesn’t look that super for a town of 27,500.

With 1000’s of V8 Supercars race fans visiting in November for the ITM Auckland 500, will this be the first impression they see of Pukekohe?

UPDATE: Plans have been made to start an upgrade late 2016.

2018 Update 
$16 million Pukekohe Station upgrade opens

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