In the early 60’s when owning cars were out reach for most residents of Franklin, access to places for swimming such as rivers, lakes and beaches were limited.

It was decided that a full sized swimming pool complex would be built in the centre of Pukekohe, as to give access to to walking traffic from all around Pukekohe.

So in 1962 with Mayor Stan Childs and local electrician Harry Moore as chairman organized a fundraising Spring Carnival with raffles, socials, casino nights and sports days. The highlight being the Spring Carnival Ball.

The Franklin residents raised £10,340 ($431,803) which after expenditures were taken out were left with £5,550 ($231,770) for the construction of the complex. As comparison to the population the money raised worked out to be £1 ($41.00) per head.

Five committees – Central, Maori, Business, Social and Sports raised this money within 6 weeks which is an amazing effort considering the racial division at that time.

Work was completed in 1964 and remains open till this day but it is in need of attention. Let’s hope the community gets behind and supports any venture that would secure the future of this youth hub of activity.

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