Runciman resident Vicky Joyce has just finished running the Grand Canyon in the United States in the event named ‘The Grand to Grand Ultra‘.

The course covers approx 273 km and is spread over 6 stages in 7 days. The length is equivalent to 6.5 marathons.   The course is marked out by pink ribbons and cover varies surfaces like hard packed sand, soft sand, sand dunes, forest trails, red rock climbs, rocky roads and slot canyons.

The race started at the north rim of the Grand Canyon at an altitude of 1629 meters (5344 feet) which meant that a week of acclimatization was needed in order for the body to adjust. 139 entrants from 26 countries started the race with 115 completing it. The finish line was at an elevation of 2651 metres (8698 feet).

The highlight of the event was the amazing scenery especially at night where the stars can be seen clearly because of the lack of light pollution.

Vicky’s race time was 53 hours 50 minutes for the entire event.

Here is the 20 minute audio interview >>>