On Wednesday 3rd of May a Pink Ribbon fundraiser was held at Ed Street bar and restaurant.

The evening started at 5:30pm with a meet & greet followed by a best bra parade. Raffles tickets were sold followed by the guest speaker and ended with a Quiz and the results of the raffles.

The guest speaker was Tuakau resident Bronwyn Rogerson. She told her story about how she found out and the treatment  process followed by how getting regular screening can help detect the early stages of breast cancer.

Bronwyn’s speech was heartbreaking yet inspirational to all who were in that room that night.

Thank you to the Leanne and team at Ed Street for hosting to great event and also the local businesses that supplied prizes for the raffles.

Here’s some facts on breast cancer.

Today 8 Women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

This Year 650 will most likely die.

Yet 30% of eligible women aren’t enrolled in free screening.

And 60% of young women don’t know the signs beyond a lump.

More info visit: NZ Breast Cancer Foundation