Slums of Pukekohe

I went for my daily walk around Pukekohe and stumped upon a car that that had been abandoned and trashed. That was 2 weeks ago and I noticed that it’s still there on council land (road/laneway).

I know it’s been reported to the authorities but for it still to be there is out of order but wait, it gets worst. Just along the way is a block of flats (19c Stations Road) that has been condemned and has been taken over by street kids and trashed. There were liquor bottles, spray paint, holes in the wall, broken furniture, clothing, bedding and the place smelled like excrement.

Both of these visual disgraces are located right next to the Pukekohe Train Station. The same station that I wrote about in this article called ‘Is the Pukekohe train station safe?’.

My question is how long before the Auckland Council will act and remove these eyesores before the street kids torch them? Especially with the derelict block of flats being so close to neighbouring homes.

UPDATE 25/02/17: Trash car has been moved.


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3 thoughts on “Slums of Pukekohe

  1. I agree with your views bar one. The term “Streetkids” is a term I am extremely impartial to. I agree that this needs to be addressed.It is disrespectful that these delinquents have defaced these and adjoining properties. They should face the consequences of their actions without question. It does make one question the safety of this area. But “streetkids” is a blanket term that lacks any real definition. A term even I was likened to in my youth, when my cousins and I would merely walk home from the public pool on a Saturday afternoon. Investigatory journalism and accounts such as these are important, but deserving of dialogue a bit more thought-out in my opinion. Otherwise we are no different to those with narrow, speculative and generalised views.


  2. We live at 2 units away from the condemned flats and have quite often thought what a waste when we hear so much about lack of housing etc.
    Also some days the smell gets so bad we can smell it and I think about our poor neighbours who are closer.
    Last year on my way home from work there were police and fire service everywhere and they knocked on our door to ask if we’d seen anything. They said a fire has been lit.
    Walking my dog on the lovely summer evenings I have noticed how dark and scary that walkway is but suppose people won’t have to go that way once the upgrade is finished.
    Also that car has been there since Xmas now. I noticed it dumped, then later tagged, then smashed up; and been surprised that it hasn’t been taken away yet. Considering I saw a car towed from the street (although that sat there for a month accumulating tickets).
    I love the area and all my neighbours. But the area was mentioned in our recent house valuation as less desirable.


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