VIDEO: Why you shouldn’t Text & Drive!

What harm can it do?

I usually go for a daily walk around Pukekohe CBD for exercise and have noticed a disturbing amount of drivers with their head down looking at their phones. Some driver’s I’ve watched travel 20-30 metres without looking up.

I found this video below about the horrors of what can happen as a result of this seemingly harmless yet deadly behavior.

Watch this video about four young driver’s being interviewed about using their phones while driving and the surprising, heart breaking ending.

What car companies are doing to help?

Speaking to a local Honda cars dealer, Kerry Brocas from Pukekohe Honda , he has informed me that their latest range of Honda Civic, Accord and HRV have a hands-free voice operated messenger service whereas you can make calls and send messages by instructing it by voice. It can also change music, bring up maps and other features. Also available for Iphone users.

Watch this video on these features here.

For more information on Honda’s Advanced Display Audio, click here.


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